Work with us

We're hiring two curriculum developers starting in January 2020 to help us craft our Arabic-English coding curriculum.

Job Responsibilities

content creation, organization, and review

Create lecture content using video and live coding, write educational materials based off of existing web content, and draft question sets and assessments based on materials.

Arabic-English translation

Ensure that all content is properly translated from English to Arabic in written or spoken form.

Digital integration

Upload our created content onto our two technology platforms: our browser-based development environment and Learning Management System.

Teacher support

Help with training and guiding teachers-in-training. Conduct regular check-ins with remote teaching teams.

Experience and Skills

  • Software engineering skill set, with the ability to write clean, quality code
  • Knowledge of Javascript coding language
  • 100% fluent in spoken and written English and Arabic
  • Experience completing coding school of 2-3 months (minimum length)
  • Self-motivated, able to complete high-quality work on a remote team
  • Personable, good listener and communicator
  • Open-minded and receptive to feedback

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