Our Model

We partner with NGOs to offer low-cost tech education to their target communities. NGOs bring existing assets (community relationships and trust, cultural understanding, on-the-ground capabilities, classroom space), while we leverage our expertise in education and technology. No effort or talent goes wasted in our partnerships.

We train software engineers in Arab communities to teach their peers.

We initiate regular code reviews, class sit-ins, 1:1 check-ins, and Q&A support. If you're a new teacher, you can think of us like your coach -- we want to empower you to serve your community.

We don't want to hire foreigners to train students and leave. Instead, we aim to create jobs for locals and thus enable the growth of long-term tech ecosystems.

We develop interactive Arabic-language curriculum aimed at student mastery.

We believe in learning by doing. Our curriculum incorporates interactive online learning materials with in-person projects to ensure that no student is left behind.

We've flipped learning on its head: "homework" is done in class with real-time feedback from teachers. We don't lecture in class, ever.

It takes a community

We encourage our partner NGOs to create new teaching jobs within the communities they serve,

building the foundation for long-term availability of tech education in their communities.

Partner with us

Interested in offering tech programs to your Arabic-speaking community but unsure how to start?