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Our Expertise

Teacher recruitment and hiring support

We will provide you with everything you need to recruit and hire local software engineers as your technical instructors -- reviewing resumes, conducting interviews, and reviewing code samples.

Teacher training

We will guide your software engineers to success in the classroom in a one-month teacher training program. They'll finish the program with a certification as a Trainer in Software Engineering from a Palestinian university, and be able to leverage this certification long after your program ends.

Ongoing teacher support and mentorship

We take seriously our responsibility to train your teachers for the classroom, and this continues once they're teaching. We meet regularly with your teachers to ensure they're feeling seen, heard, and capable of continuing to offer your students the best learning experiences.

Student recruitment support

We will guide you on designing an application and selection process for your student participants. Some of you may have very clear pictures of who you'd like to target already -- that's great. We can be as involved as you'd like.

Interactive learning content in Arabic and English

We've created a highly engaging, in-depth curriculum based off of our experiences in the classroom. Our content is available to your students in a browser-based development environment -- so they never have to worry about spinning up a specific environment on their computer (And neither do we!)

Program Supervision and Review

We know that every group of students is different and will have different learning needs. We constantly monitor student progress in problem sets and projects to ensure mastery of class material. If we see a majority of students with limited comprehension, we customize curriculum and content on the fly.


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