Our programs

We're interested in teaching digital skills that integrate problem-solving as a discipline, facilitate employment post-study, and leverage the deep expertise of our founding team. We've chosen the following three courses based on these ideas and demand from our partner NGOs. Let us know if there is another module you're interested in offering to your students!

Software Engineering

Designed for those with limited experience in technology, this program provides an introduction to the web, internet, and JavaScript. It also teaches problem-solving and debugging as tools for coding and life. The program may continue into Intermediate and Advanced Javascript content, depending on need.

Technology Entrepreneurship

The program will guide students on an entrepreneurial journey from idea generation to implementation. Students will identify systems and issues that they are interested in addressing using technology. We will work in small teams to build these technology solutions, giving students an opportunity to learn project management, engineering teamwork, and entrepreneurship.

Digital Skills

This program prepares students for jobs in local government or administration, providing basic training in various digital skills, including cloud-based storage, email, and spreadsheets.

We optimize for student mastery

We've created four learning modules for Software Engineering

in Arabic and English based on the science of learning.

A Day in our Coding program

We integrate in-person and online offerings to make our programs accessible and meaningful to students and our partner NGOs.

Morning challenge

Start the day with a coding challenge, problems that are often asked during coding interviews.

Noon lecture

Watch an online video lecture in Arabic about the day's topic: Javascript data types. Review online resources.

Afternoon practice

Tackle a series of problems on Makeen's learning portal, evaluating your understanding of the lecture material.

Evening review

Complete final question sets designed to improve mastery and retention of the week's topic.